Journal Feb 2015

Early Feb 2015 The first few days when I was working at the fedwiki address.

13 Feb 2015 Started $5 a month at DigitalOcean - which is cheaper than Dreamhost.

15 Feb 2015 Difference between reference and inline links.

16 Feb 2015 Ward's note on exporting JSON content. Pointed subdomain sfw at DreamHost to the specific IP address of swf at DigitalOcean.

16a Feb 2015 Differentiating links. Considering Attribution

17 Feb 2015 I start drafting demoing fedwikis page. and the teaching machines site become entangled.

18 Feb 2015 I discover template pages. Begin to annotate these journal entries. Start to disentangle the two sites by forking all my teaching machines pages to

19 Feb 2015 Delete by forking the past.2 Mar 2015