Early Feb 2015

Q1: Why doesn't FedWiki have a better way for us to be updated when someone forks our stuff? (Mike said it would open up spam issues; but still; I hate my wordpress spam but I love my notifications!) Mike Caulfield: There will be a way, it's absolutely crucial to have one. But we use the principle of Whyte's work on Small Public Spaces here, watching the real community interact to understand how best to implement it.

It's about ownership and social mores that has an American tone: My Pink Half of the Drainpipe .

Welcome to this FedWiki Happening site. FedWiki Happenings are an attempt to model Connectivist learning principles using Federated Wiki.

In federated wiki, authorship is Discoverable but not Obvious. And even where it is discoverable, authorship is complex. For that reason we suggest you consider alternatives to personal attribution when you write. We suggest some such alternatives here.

You should have a "Conversation Clubs" link on your site from previous steps in the orientation.

We've talked about the Neighborhood, but have not gone into it in great detail. Here we talk about what the Neighborhood is, and how to list all pages in it.