9 Jun 2015

I've been making some significant changes to Re-Thinking Composing pages, and find myself having to make some interesting decisions and choices. It took me a while to get used to revising existing pages that I did not originate as significantly as I am, but I keep recalling that these are my versions, and I am re-purposig them to the work I'm doing

I've been cutting links pages that are copy and paste jobs from c2. Those are pretty annoying because they are just copy and paste, and because FedWiki is a new animal. In some cases, I've cut them. In a couple of others, I've created annotations (cf) for them. There is a large set of these copy and paste jobs on Tips For Beginners.

I've been making small - sentence level - but important changes to my versions of at least one common page =- Dissertation Over Discourse. That really needed refining to be part of the work I'm doing. Changes in the terminology, moderation in some of the assertions. This page is going to need further tightening for my purposes. The thing is, after a while you stop missing the stuff you've cut.

So this way of incorporating content is very different than the academic mainstream. It really is re-mix and re-purpose, even to the point where you start to loose the independence of the original. And that raises the question about when to start a new version of a page. As in Dissertation Over Discourse. I spent a lot of time fiddling with the page until I realized that a better option would be to start a new page - Dissertation Over Discourse in FedWiki, borrow what I want from the source, then roll it back or link to an earlier version of the original. Call this Repurposing? or Remix?

I'm finding that I have to rough out a page OV before creating the page in order to come up with a good name for the page. A scratch page is good for this.

I discovered and started to bring into the discussion of constellating nodes McLuhan's idea of mosaic. The mosaic is made up of dissertation texts, not sets of notes. This also suggests that there are multiple ways of assembling the nodes.

Starting pages. So far, I've started a spin off from a page only once or twice or three times (rethinking pages), and I haven't been grabbing content for my new pages from existing pages - although I am grabbing stuff from elsewhere on the web. Most of my pages are new. This is a little surprising, and I'm not sure what to make of it yet. Maybe this: the terms mosaic and McLuhan don't appear in the FedWiki community in the context I'm using them in.