7 Mar 2015

Drew in a few things from the google groups list

Ward's use of fedwiki for a small independent project. "You can just make a new site and then fork the pages you want to cluster into that site. Search works well this way and you have plenty of room to explain why the pages are in your cluster. Here is an example were I clustered a number of pages that I wanted to talk about at the ACM Splash conference in Portland."

We collect here principles and beliefs that have informed the prolonged design of federated wiki. This material contains the basis of and supplement to a talk presented in the Wavefront track at the once OOPSLA now Splash ACM conference in Portland. webpage slides

Ward's fedwiki addressing the design of fedwiki:

We have concentrated on a small number of idealistic principles, beliefs even, while ignoring considerable established practice. Only by such intense focus can we expect to find fresh solutions to persistent problems.

Notes on Hangout