3 Mar 2015

Unfortunately, I took to heart the part where Mike said "You can wander all day in the federation, and it's easy to get sidetracked". It became my goal.

Interesting update to the Jacquard Loom page. Frances Bell moved my connection with education to its own page with a comment about not seeing the connection. When I posted it, I knew the connection was tenuous - and political, really - but I didn't take them time to develop the idea, hoping, actually, that someone else would. Moving the tenuous connection to its own page focuses the Jaquard page as well as inciting me to return to the new page and refine the connection.

But also interesting was the backchannel communication. Frances tweeted an apology with @mcmorgan and @holden references, which alerted me to the change and the issue. It would have taken a long time for me to return to that page otherwise.

So, what have we learned? An informal backchannel is incredibly useful in coordinating efforts. An intermediary such as @holden makes it possible to alert a second party to a change by way of the intermediary.

- Write two articles (one on something you know about, one on something new to you) - Do the idea mining exercise - Read other people's articles, extend them, expand them, link them - Pull your material into a whole -- create your site as you want it, your best pass at this subject, including the work of others.