2 Mar 2015

The assignment I'm not getting done:

If you have not done an assignment yet, you should look see Assignments.

I'm reviewing it, really. I got started, then saw how it might be adapted for Weblogs and Wikis, and then, well ... too many excuses.

But why? Having to learn both the interface and make choices about what to write about was dogging me. Not good reasons, but what I found was that I had to re-orient myself to the the fedwiki interface every time I re-approached the task. It hasn't become second-nature yet - and I know that the idea is to work with real tasks in the system so that it will become second nature.

Ah, me.

But I did add to Augmenting Human Intellect. When I found it, it had taken a wrong turn, so I brought Englebart back into it.

Foudational article on NLS, by Doug Englebart, 1962 html

Thinking of hypertext from the metaphor of navigation can help bring clarity to the capabilities that are (or could be) offered by hypertext systems.

Added a note to Hypertext As Navigation Mentioned Bernstein's HG and how sfw might slow down readers to explore and reflect. I've felt that way when I visit MeatBallWiki, and this wiki. The encouragement is in the links: I want to see how this link text connects with that linked page.