19 Feb 2015

Ward writes on Google Groups:

"We don't have a way to delete a wiki page that is saved on the server. You can delete all content and history by recalling the earliest version and forking that from history. It has been suggested that this could remove the page from the server. Now it just leaves an empty page. "You can delete a video by removing all the markup, video id and caption. If you leave even one blank it won't remove the item."

We've been afraid to support delete because of the ambiguity introduced by having multiple storage locations. Which exactly are you deleting? We've got to decide.

A little like Benjamin's Angel of History, flying backwards into the future.

A method! Thanks to Mike, a hybrid way of working with the nascent FedWiki. This general tailoring would also work in an old-style wiki.

This is the methodology we'll be using for this Happening.

The Assignment. I started a little late, finished even later.