17 Feb 2015

Started drafting Demoing FedWikis page. I'm going to have to present how they work to the Weblogs and Wikis class, so I want to get some notes down while I'm still struggling with the things myself.

Ran into Modelessness and was surprised to see an attribution line appear when I dragged it into my space. The attribution doesn't appear in the actual page, and it seems to complicate attribution. The icon color says I got if from machines.hapgood.net. The journal tells me it's been revised by others than Bret, so what's the status of the tagline?

By Bret Victor

5:50 PM. I'm seeing some weirdness between my swf.mcmorgan.org site and the iteration for Teaching Machines. Overwrites. The color chip change between the two seemingly at random. When I go to the Teaching Machines site, me ssfw welcome appears, so I'm going to stay on sfw and ask Mike if he can point the other site to my sfw.

10:01 PM. Confusion and uncertainty about where edits are. But what I'm getting is this: Pay attention to your local work with a page rather than trying to push your local work to the world. Use the neighborhood as a source for your local composing. Others will find and use your work, or not.

## Pay attention to the local