13 June 2015

Some more work on What Has Changed in FedWiki. In a couple if places, I'm encountering situations where I want to embed a flag link with its gloss and then comment on that page. Not sure how to handle this because the page may change, but I also don't want to incorporate the idea/page in my collection. The flag link should signal just this, as a kind of reference: Here's a source that I'm commenting on.

I have seen this done on other FedWikis, where the writer embeds the page flag, with a comment that they are not ready to fork the material but want to think about it.

Perhaps users need a garage or parking lot for this kind of stuff: to read and think about.

There is a growing set of notes concerning writing in FedWiki on journal.mcmorgan.org in the Notebook.

Loss of Data. Not sure what I did or why this happened but I was trying our the Roster plugin, and at some point, the content of my Welcome Visitors page was replaced by the content and history from on of the developers. I had added his address to the Roster plug in to get a sense of how it works, but I don't recall forking his welcome page to mind. And what's curious is that the content and the history both overwrote my content and history.

Solved it by replacing the welcome page. Nothing else seemed to work. I couldn't find an earlier version of my page. I have to rebuild the page a little but it was time for a refit anyway. I reconstructed some links by referring to the files in the .wiki directory.

Lesson Keep your welcome page lean just in case you accidentally fork it.

Backed up by downloading the .wiki folders from the DigitalOcean servers to my local machine.