13 Feb 2015

"It's been through the Happening on Teaching Machines that I've started to dig into SFW, and to get comfortable with both how it works and how we work with it."M Caulfield?

You can wander all day in the federation, and it's easy to get sidetracked. Here we link you directly to the things you must be do/be able to do before the March Happening, in a nice linear style. You can still wander if you want, but if you want to do the minimum, go through this list, skip the byways, and you will be set.

Context is in Columns

The WikiWord is gone.

Those blue backgrounds on the link annotations signal that they were dragged in from another site as References. The annotation comes with the link but can be edited. Adding an inline link creates or links to a local page.

A reference is a direct link to a specific resource on a specific site. It also has an editable field to describe the resource.

The columnar design of FedWiki is defining a preferred way of working. Execute a Cross-Page Move explains how to use a scratch page as a pasteboard to hold paragraphs while they are being composed and re-ordered. Cross-Page Refactoring starts to look at this a little more closely.

FedWiki has a *markdown* plugin. That's a joy.

FedWiki requires practice to develop a composing process, especially in using cross-page composing and doing research off-wiki. There are multiple columns, windows, and tabs to negotiate. At this point in my understanding, strategizing how to get a link from one page to another occasionally distracts me from generating prose.

The compositional movement that looked like left to right is not. It's from right to left, or perhaps from margins to middle, depending on where one opens columns. *FedWiki needs a way to manage columns in the browser window - close them and re-organize them.

There's already a discussion going on some of these matters at Mike C's site. No inline links. One idea per page. Comments are evil ...