12 Mar 2015

Cabin Coffee House

From The Cabin Coffeehouse. I came to Teaching Macines today with intents to catch up on some sentence starters and idea mining but got willingly distracted when I spotted some notes on composing on the wiki. Things like Thread Mode and Document Mode and Dissertation over Discourse. All look well-intentioned but off the mark because a) normative and b) borrowed from print and traditional wiki like c2 and Meatball.

In fact, it looks like some of notes on composing are being imported stet from c2.org!

It's a mistake to import method and the style sheets from traditional wikis to FedWiki: the distributed network and more compact page, among other things, don't import well. Add to this the opportunity to re-think method, as Ward seems to be doing.

Two angles I want to come at:

> Finding a way of talking about composing with FedWiki as a distributed document.

> Finding a way of talking about the rhetoric of FedWiki as a distributed document. The value isn't in any single page but the whole as it evolves, as rhizome.

Started Composing on FedWiki (M C Morgan), as an annotated index. The idea in naming (using my name in the page name) is to let others fork their own, and still be able to identify this collection as the one I prefer. There seems to be a need on FebWiki to gather and mark a defined and designated index.

This is to say that the distributed model of FedWiki changes the way we read and the way we compose, just as the traditional wiki did.

I am writing this page in response to the Dissertation Over Discourse page. It is not a value-neutral "preference".